BOOKS: Rearing Butterflies and Moths at Home (2023)

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Rearing Butterflies & Moths at Home is a detailed and illustrated guidebook by Sanjay Sondhi and Sushama Durve. This informative resource explores the art of raising butterflies and moths in India, with a particular focus on the author's personal experiences during the COVID pandemic. Intended for students, teachers, and nature enthusiasts, the book covers various topics, including butterfly and moth families, distinctions between the two, rearing techniques, recording life cycles, essential guidelines, a glossary, and practical steps for butterfly and moth conservation. Supported by the Wipro Foundation and the Wipro Earthian Program, this guide aims to inspire and educate individuals about these fascinating creatures.

Price: Freely available for download at this link. Not for sale. Free distribution for students and teachers linked to institutions by Titli Trust.

Free download of eBook for Android of Rearing Butterflies & Moths at Home is available at this link

If the Google drive link is inaccessible contact Sanjay Sondhi ( or Anchal Sondhi ( via email.

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