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Sondhi, S., K. Kunte, G. Agavekar, R. Lovalekar, K. Tokekar. 2013. Butterflies of the Garo Hills. Samrakshan Trust (New Delhi), Titli Trust (Dehradun) and Indian Foundation for Butterflies (Bengaluru). xvi+200pp, all in full color.

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SondhiEtal ButterfliesOfGaroHills 2013 CoverSince 2008 we have been surveying the wonderful butterfly fauna of the Garo Hills, which forms the north-westernmost tip of the globally recognized Indo-Burmese Biodiversity Hotspot. This book follows the publication of our research paper on the butterflies of the Garo Hills in 2012. It has been published with generous and full funding from the India Foundation and the Forests and Environment Department, Government of Meghalaya. We authors have decided not to take any royalty and the publishers have decided not to make any money on this book. The contributory amount being charged for the book is with the understanding that all the proceeds from this book will go to the Garo tribes in the South Garo Hills District of Meghalaya, where we have worked in the past and where we continue our research. Through the contributory amount of this book we are trying to generate alternative source of revenue for the Garos from the very biodiverse forests that they hold. Samrakshan Trust, Titli Trust and others have been doing this for several years in various ways to encourage the Garos to keep their forests rather than turn them over to illegal coal miners. Part of this effort is butterfly tourism in the Garo Hills, which this book may help. You can find out more about the butterfly tourism in the South Garo Hills by emailing Sanjay Sondhi.

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IFSC code: SBIN0006155

Also see our second volume in this series, Butterflies and Moths of Pakke Tiger Reserve, published in 2014.

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Sondhi, S., and K. Kunte. 2024. BOOKS: BUTTERFLIES OF THE GARO HILLS (2013) . In Sondhi, S., Y. Sondhi, R.P. Singh, P. Roy and K. Kunte (Chief Editors). Butterflies of India, v. 3.74. Indian Foundation for Butterflies.