Biodiversity Marathons: Biodiversity Marathons are outreach programmes conducted by the National Centre for Biological Science, Bengaluru, which is a centre of Tata Instiute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, in collaboration with other research institutions and nature-related NGOs. These are biodiversity information data marathons (no actual running involved!) that link scientists, naturalists, photographers and other citizens who study, observe, photograph and care about nature and biodiversity, and who want to help generate biodiversity information in India. This feeds into the Biodiversity Atlas – India's family of natural history websites, including this one on butterflies, that serve a powerful platform for citizen-contributed information on Indian biodiversity. Read more ...

National Moth Week: The National Moth Week is a celebration in the last week of July aimed at conducting a nationwide week-long series of surveys to assess moth fauna. It is part of the global citizen science event and is organised annually by several organisations. 



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